High-Impact Marketing Projects You Can Do in the Middle of Your Busy Season

In the hustle of running a farm or food business—whether it's feeding livestock, nurturing crops, or managing product orders—marketing often falls by the wayside. Email marketing, SEO, brand messaging... it all seems daunting and time-consuming. But ignoring it? That's not an option if you want to boost sales and keep your business going strong.

Remember, that sales plateau won't resolve itself. Marketing is crucial, not just a sideline task for "when you have time."

Luckily, you don't have to tackle this alone. While some marketing efforts require deep dives during quieter months, many impactful strategies don't demand much time, especially with the right help.

High Impact, Low Time (HILT) marketing projects are designed to maximize outcomes with minimal time commitment.

After working on these types of projects with lots of busy clients, we know that these are the easiest to implement when you’ve got a lot going on. We do most of the work while you take care of the fields, pack for market, and try to feed yourself before 9pm.

“It was really easy to get emails set up. We met to discuss what we wanted to say, and TPM drafted the emails and set up the automations. It saved us time and helped grow our business and converted leads into customers.”

Nathan Masser, Red Hill Harvest

What is HILT Marketing?

HILT Marketing projects are designed to help you without compromising your day-to-day activities.

These projects: 
  • Have a high impact on your business without requiring you to spend lots of time in the office

  • Benefit all types of farms and food businesses

  • Provide tangible outcomes that you can implement immediately

  • Are designed to drive business growth

Who is HILT Marketing for?

You’re ready for HILT Marketing if:

  • You’re a dairy, livestock, or vegetable farmer, or a value-added product producer like a baker, jam maker, or ice cream shop
  • You’ve been in business for three or more years
  • You know which of your products sell the best and how you currently reach the most customers
  • You know who you want to sell you, but you need help finding more customers
  • You need to market your business, but you don’t have time to do it all yourself

HILT Marketing Projects

We can’t pick the tomatoes, milk the goats, or make the cheese for you, but we can help you take marketing off the back burner. When you start a High Impact, Low Time marketing project, you can keep doing the day-to-day without giving up on your business growth.

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