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Visual Brand Development

First impressions matter, and your brand’s visual presentation is the first thing customers see. Master the look and feel of your brand so you can communicate with consistency and distinguish yourself from the competition.

What We Offer

Visual Brand Development

 Logo Design

After an intake interview to assess your brand's personality and style, we'll present several logo options. Work with our design team to refine the winner until it's just right. Receive files in several colorways for web, print, packaging, merch, and more.

Branded Colors and Fonts

If you don’t already have brand colors, we’ll help you develop a palette that matches your brand personality and values. Then, we’ll source unique but widely-accepted, web-friendly fonts and show you where and how to use them.

Complete Brand Guide

Get an easy-to-reference brand guide that includes your logo, colors, fonts, and visual references. Hand this guide to any staff member or contracted designer so they can easily follow your brand in any application.


Work with our team to source imagery that fits your brand, whether that's a photo/video shoot, a library of stock images, or a strategic shot list you can hand to a local photographer or videographer. Learn more about photography services here.

Visual brand development can help if…


And you want…

  • A professional, cohesive look and feel
  • More confidence in your presentation
  • Excitement and momentum in your marketing
  • More consumer trust
  • To raise prices
  • To launch into the marketplace and seek funding
  • A unique value proposition that sets your business apart from competitors

Past Visual Branding Projects

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