Brand Messaging

Words sell. The words that you choose to describe your business and your product can either draw customers in or turn them off. When you’re the business owner, it can be hard to explain what you offer in a succinct and meaningful way. Brand messaging provides clarity and gives you a bank of repeatable messages so you can attract the right people, whether customers or funders, without wondering what to say.

What We Offer

Messaging Services

Brand DNA

Brand DNA outlines the foundation of your business. It includes:

  • Mission and purpose statements
  • Brand core values
  • Value proposition

Your Brand DNA is at the core of what you do and guides all messaging and marketing efforts. This messaging can and should be woven into all communications, from your website to emails and social posts. Messaging DNA is essential if you plan to fundraise or grow a team, and you need a clear articulation of why your business exists beyond making money.

Messaging Ladder

Your Messaging Ladder includes:

  • Tagline
  • Primary message
  • Secondary or supporting messages
  • Brand story

Primary and supporting messages often become headlines on a homepage or jumping-off points for emails. Your brand story can be used on your “about” page, a welcome email, or elsewhere. These messages help you save time and stay consistent, which makes your brand memorable.

“As an owner or operator, the messaging process really helps you articulate the vision of your farm. Often I feel what I want to create is just an image or feeling in my head, but going through this process helped put my feelings in writing. Taste Profit did a great job providing questions and prompts and capturing our vision in words.”

—Lorig, Middle Ground Farm

It's time to invest in brand messaging if...


And you want…

  • Clarity for yourself and your customers
  • More qualified leads (more of the kind of people you want to work with or sell to, and less of the people you don’t)
  • An easier time creating content
  • Consistency across all marketing channels
  • More “mindshare” (more customers who remember you and your message)
  • More job applicants who align with company culture
  • More internal cohesion and direction

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