Customers want to see what they’re going to get, and everyone is curious about the people behind the product. Professional photography puts your business and your offering in the best light (literally) and helps you connect with your audience in a way that words simply can’t.

What We Offer

Farm & Food Photography

CPG/Product Photography

Work with one of our recommended photographers for professional product, farm/lifestyle, and food photos. See a gallery of selected samples below.

Strategic Shot List

Get a detailed shot list you can hand to a local photographer or videographer to ensure you get a gallery of images that you can use for your website, emails, social, and more.

Image Processing

We’ll take care of the tedious work of cropping, resizing, naming, and uploading up to 200 photos so you have an easy-to-use gallery without worrying about the tech or time.

Stock Photo Research

We’ll source high-quality stock image content that fits and elevates your new brand. Use it directly in your marketing and as inspiration for future content.

"Zoe‘s photography is an essential element of my marketing strategy. I cannot stress how important it has been to have a variety of high-quality images at my fingertips. Her attention to detail, color, and composition is finely tuned, and her creativity and innovation is astounding. I recommend her work to every entrepreneur I know, and I firmly believe that such an investment is key to success."

—Emma, Kneehigh Farm

Work by Taste Profit Photographers

(first row: Zoe Schaeffer; rows 2 and 3: Jenn Bakos; row 4: Harbinger)

It's time for professional photography if...


And you want…

  • A simple way to establish trust with potential customers
  • More attention and engagement from customers and your industry
  • A beautiful website that customers enjoy using
  • More brand loyalty and customer retention

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