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Marketing Coaching

You know what they say about “teaching a man to fish”? Well, we’d like to hand you a fishing pole. With marketing coaching, you’ll learn the strategies and tactics of successful marketing so you can steer your own growth in the long-term. Not interested in being the marketing manager forever? Coaching helps you hire effectively because you’ll be knowledgeable on what the job requires. Get complete training or pick and choose what you’d like to learn.

We'll coach you through:


How to create a strategy • How to design campaigns • Creating content • What to put on your website • Social media strategies • Sending better emails • Setting up email automations • How to make sure your marketing is working • What to do if it's not 


...and more.

How it works: 

1-on-1 Sessions

Become a better marketer with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions with an expert on our team. Choose to focus on a particular subject (like learning to write newsletters that make more money, or creating Reels for Instagram) or bring a grab-bag of questions to your sessions for quick answers. A key advantage of coaching is personalized feedback; working with a coach is like having instant access to a library of marketing advice tailored exactly to your situation.


One of the most important—and hardest—things about marketing successfully is staying consistent. When you work with a coach, you’ll get feedback to help you work through what’s keeping you stuck, and accountability to keep you going.

Flexible Terms

Purchase coaching in blocks to save, or go month-to-month. Coaching stays flexible to accommodate your needs and your ambitions. Learn a discrete skill like how to write good headlines, or get continuous feedback on your social content and marketing efforts with industry-backed recommendations.

"I've learned so much about marketing from the Taste Profit team. It's been really helpful having a team to push me, question what I'm doing, and keep me on track. You've helped me understand the type of customers I want to work with, which helps me narrow my focus."

—Cathy, Food Safety Mid-Atlantic

It's time for coaching if...


And you want…

  • New skills that will help you get more customers
  • Greater confidence with your day-to-day marketing 
  • To hire marketing staff
  • Someone to answer all your questions
  • More structure and organization to the marketing side of your business
  • Help staying accountable to your plans and goals

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