A strong brand identity is a strategic asset with long-term value. As the personality of your business, your brand has implications for the type of person who buys from you, what they’re willing to pay, and how long they’ll be loyal. A key driver of business strategy, effective branding makes your business distinct and memorable. 

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“I couldn't be happier! I literally started crying when I saw the variations of the logo! And I'm not a crier. I am not someone with a favorite color—the shades of blue and green in nature prevent me from picking just one—so to have brand colors that encompass that and more is incredible. Seeing this tonight was the lift I needed to finish the grant strong and start this new chapter for our farm and family.”

—Kim, Poplar Hill Creamery

It's time to invest in branding if...


And you want…

  • A professional, cohesive look and feel
  • To earn your customers’ trust before they ever buy from you
  • To raise your prices and charge more
  • To seek funding
  • A unique value proposition that sets your business apart from your competitors

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