Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential, as every email you send can drive customers to the point of purchase. And unlike a social media audience, your email list is fully in your control and can never be taken from you. But many business owners struggle to find the time to write regular emails, and they never follow up with new subscribers—if they have an email list in the first place. Let's change that.

What We Offer

Email Marketing

Automated Series

 We’ll recommend the best automations for your business and strategy (see below), or you can choose which you’d like to build. We'll write, configure, and load each series or coach you through the process.

Branded Templates

Save time, give your communications a consistent look and feel, and make your emails more fun to read with branded templates you can use for automations and other emails.

Lead Magnets

Do you have a plan to grow your list of email contacts? A strategically designed lead magnet (a free download like a cookbook or coupon) spurs email list growth and builds trust with your visitors by providing value upfront.

Email Execution

Reap the benefits of email marketing without the heavy lift. We'll create a content calendar specific to your business and write, design, send, and optimize emails and newsletters on a schedule that fits your budget. 

Automated Email Series

Welcome Series

 Turn leads into customers by sharing the details of your story, your products, and how to shop.

Abandoned Cart

Encourage customers to complete their transaction by answering questions and giving incentive.

New Customer

Provide extra value and encourage new customers to leave a review and share your business.


Re-engage old contacts by providing info about new products and a compelling pitch for your business.

"I really enjoy working with the Taste Profit team for my monthly newsletter and blog. They take my half-formed ideas and turn them into meaningful and helpful pieces of content for my clients."

—Cathy, Food Safety Mid-Atlantic

It's time for email marketing if...


And you want…

  • A proven tool to drive sales
  • Engaged, loyal customers
  • Increased web traffic
  • More control over your marketing than social media algorithms offer

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