We’ve put together a comprehensive Cold Shipping Guide and Excel Workbook to help you save time and money and start shipping your frozen or refrigerated products, safely and profitably!

Our goal in developing these documents is to give you access to thousands of dollars of research and save you dozens of hours of time at a price that is affordable for a small business.

Specifically, the guide is chock full of useful resources and information, including:
  • A summary of all of our research about cold shipping regulations.
  • Actionable tips on developing a strategic cold shipping business.
  • Practical guidelines on how to ensure that your product arrives in safe condition.
  • Lists of valuable resources specific to coolants and dry ice, packaging, shipping, and cold shipping fulfillment centers.
  • Information about shipping partners and ways for small businesses to save money on shipping costs.
  • Guidelines and tips for using dry ice.
  • A comparison of UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS in regards to cold shipping.

Make sure you’re pricing your shipping in a profitable way by using our Excel workbook to:

  • Determine what size box you need for your product.
  • Source the lowest cost insulation and coolant that still meets your needs.
  • Design practical tests with your products and packaging selections to ensure your cold shipping system will be effective enough to keep your customer safe (so you can sleep at night!).
  • Understand your fully-loaded costs of cold shipping, including all materials and shipping costs to multiple destinations.
  • Set strategic product and shipping pricing that helps your products sell, but at a profit margin you need to build a viable business.
These digital products include both the comprehensive Cold Shipping Guide AND the Cold Shipping Excel Workbook. Select the product that fits your businesses’ needs, whether you’re shipping refrigerated or frozen products.

Upon purchase, you’ll be able to immediately download both documents.
“$50 to save me (at least) a full day’s research on all aspects of cold shipping? Easy decision. This Cold Shipping Guide gave me the answers I was looking for and several tools to help strategize our launch.” – Douglas M.
“I have a startup food business and this cold chain information was incredibly helpful. You can tell Taste Profit Marketing has the right passion for their work and this industry we’re in. The information and data is well researched and organized so you’ll walk out with a solid how-to on kick-starting your cold shipping business. I definitely rely on their well of knowledge, and so should you.” – Kuan Z.