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Winter Prep for a Thriving 2024: Marketing Projects for Farms & Food Businesses

It’s been a busy year (as always) and the inevitable slowdown that winter brings is almost here. While the growing and harvest seasons are always GO GO GO, the downtime this time of year brings is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and consider what projects will make your 2024 not only less hectic, but also more profitable. In fact, using this time strategically could be the most critical to setting your business up for long-term success.
Our team’s schedules are filling up fast through the end of the year—now is the time to connect with us to help make the most of your winter.


Why Invest in Marketing?

Just as you prepare your fields and plan your crops in advance, your marketing strategy deserves the same attention. Marketing is the cornerstone of growth for farms and food businesses. In today's competitive landscape, having exceptional products isn't enough.

Marketing helps you connect with your audience, build brand recognition, and drive sales. It's the vehicle that communicates your unique story and quality, fostering trust and loyalty. By investing in marketing, you create opportunities to expand your reach, engage with your community, and adapt to changing market demands.

It's the key to staying relevant, thriving, and achieving long-term success. Don't miss out on the chance to cultivate your business's potential and stand out in a crowded field.

Marketing Projects for Winter

Winter's downtime offers a unique window to focus on bigger-picture marketing projects. With fewer immediate operational demands, you can finally build that new website, start sending emails to your list, come up with a marketing plan that you can execute even during the busiest season, or get a social media account you’re proud to share. It's a time to innovate, strategize, and gear up for the year ahead.

By investing in these projects during winter, you will get a well-crafted marketing machine in place to help steer your business into a more profitable and efficient busy season. Some marketing projects we suggest considering include:

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Get a strategy custom-tailored to your business so you can feel confident that your marketing efforts will make a difference.

What Your Plan Will Identify:

- Ideal Customer
- Target Geographics
- Budget
- Goals
- Timeline
- Key Performance Indicators
- Recommended Marketing Tactics

You might consider marketing plan services if you are…
- Starting up 
- Looking for funding
- Taking your business to the next level
- Trying to reach a new market
- Selling your business

Brand Development

A cohesive brand makes you distinct from the competition and memorable to your customers. It’s the foundation of long-term success.

Types of Projects:
- Naming strategy
- Logo Design and Visual Guidelines
- Brand Messaging

You might consider brand development services if you are…
- Starting up 
- Pivoting in a new direction with your products or business model
- Tired of the way your current branding looks
- Interested in increasing your price point

Farmers Market Booth Design

Launch or revitalize your farmers’ market presence with new designs.

Types of Design Projects:
- Hanging or retractable banner
- Table cloth with logo
- Tabletop sign with QR code
- Printed postcard or magnet as handouts
- Tri-fold brochure
- Business cards

You might consider farmers market booth design services if you are…
- Starting up
- Tired of the way your current farmers’ market presence looks
- Trying to differentiate yourself among other booths


Online sales have never been more critical to business success. Get a functional, beautiful website that can sell your farm and food products 24/7.

Services We Offer:
- Website & E-Commerce Builds
- Website Wireframing
- Website Copywriting
- Ecommerce Strategy
- SEO Analysis & Optimization
- Managed Cloud Hosting

You might consider website services if you are…
- Starting up
- Pivoting in a new direction with your products or business model
- Tired of the way your old site looks
- Interested in diversifying your sales channels
- Trying to reach a new market

Ready to Get Started?

Logo design and branding for Dragonfly Hill Farms

Website design for Allegheny Grass Fed Cooperative

Farmers market booth banner for Sweet Grass Dairy

“Right from the beginning, working with Taste Profit was an easy-breezy experience. They asked all the right questions to learn about our operation and really listened in order to produce a tailor-made marketing plan from beginning to end. Taste Profit staffers were easy to work with and understood where we were coming from because they have experience in the agriculture industry. They did all the work for us, and all we have to do is take what they created and run with it!”

- Laurie, Brown Cow Creamery

We're Here to Help

We're not just marketing experts; we know your industry inside out. With first-hand experience, we understand the challenges you face and the goals you’ve set for your business. We bring our experience to provide the best marketing strategies and solutions for you.

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